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My Sõrve reflection

I have been going to Sõrve for the last ten years and it is a no-brainer as to why I keep going back year after year. I fi rst went to camp when I was seven years old thinking it was going to be scary and hard trying to fi t in with people I had never met before. But I couldn’t be more wrong, straight away I was accepted into the large family that is Sõrve and had the time of my life. Going to camp has been one of the funnest and most treasured of experiences to me. I’m always fi lled with excitement as I count down the days til it’s that Sõrve time of year again.

Not only at Sõrve have I been given the luxury of doing fantastic instructor sports and leader-made games, but have especially loved taking part in cultural activities like folk dancing and Estonian singing which I otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to do up on the Gold Coast. It’s been such a great privilege for me to learn about and become so closely connected with my culture and after going to camp I can safely say that I have never been prouder to call myself Estonian.

Aleksis Payne, Katrin Tamm, Eliza Mätas, Simone Proctor

Aleksis Payne, Katrin Tamm, Eliza Mätas, Simone Proctor

Over the years I have made friendships with people from all over Australia and overseas.  As always in a family there is never any awkwardness or need to break-the-ice when we fi nally see each other at camp after a long year, only good times and laughs to be had and more everlasting memories in the making. I will always hold my Sõrve family and the lifelong friendships I have made close to my heart and hope to keep going for another ten years to come (probably even after that).

Eliza Mätas
Meie Kodu 4th February 2011

By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.

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