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Run in family Husband and wife to race together in China


Lilian, a 33year old Estonian from West Virumaa has lived in Australia since 1999. A year after she arrived in Australia she started training in a gym and participated in the City to Surf run. From that moment she dedicated herself to sport. Her chosen sports were running, cycling and swimming ie the triathlon. 

Lilian has competed in 4 Ironman competitions (4km swim, 180 km cycle and 42.2 km marathon) and is the only Estonian woman who has competed so many times. Lilian currently holds the second fastest time (10 hours 51 minutes) amongst the Estonian women atheletes.

Last Sunday Lilian and Tim ran in the Sydney Morning Herald half marathon and both came in the first 30 in their respective groups. About 13,000 runners participated. Thus Lilian is now in the “Prefered start” for the City to Surf with an opportunity to improve her ranking.


Having your partner by your side representing Australia at a world sporting event can have its benefits. Just ask Birrong・s Tim and Lilian Molesworth.

The couple have been chosen in the 40 member Australian squad to compete in the world triathlon titels in Beijing, China, in September after qualifying in January.

Tim and Lilian, personal trainers, met five years ago while competing in a triathlon, and have been married for two years.

„Having similar interests is great, we train together and encourage and motivate each other,・g Tim said.

And just as well they like being around each other, with the pair training six hours a day in readiness for September. Every week, they swim 12 kms, cycle 300 kms and run 80 kms.

The couple are members of the Bankstown Sports Athletics Club and the Western Districts Joggers, based at Lake Gillawarna.

This will be Tim・fs second world triathlon event, racing in Sweden in 2004.

Tim, 32, has been a triathlete for 10 years, and has plenty of experience under his belt, while Lilian, 33, has been at the sport just as long.

The Beijing triathlon consists of a 1500 m swim, 40 km cycle, and 10 km run, with over 1000 people competing.

„The satisfaction of just completing in one of these events gives you a feeling that・fs hard to describe,’Tim said.


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