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Sunday, November 20th, we had a prior invitation which we
just could not refuse. We had been invited by the Danish Ministry of Foreign
Affairs to a barbeque at Garden Island, with the hope of seeing the visiting
young Danish royals.

Dress code was definitely business suits, so no palazzo pyjamas or
designer-torn jeans. A specially chartered ferry-sized vessel picked us and the
other “chosen” ones from the Harbour Master Steps in front of the Museum of
Contemporary Art and carried us to the harbourside entry to Garden Island. Don’t
think you can do this in your private yacht or row-boat. There are men there to
politely discourage you from doing anything so foolhardy. In fact, all
participant were well known and documented.

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By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.

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