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Attention artists and artisans

The end of the year is not THAT far away. The fourteenth Eesti Päevad in Sydney are beckoning and we need your input (and ouput). As usual, there will be an exciting exhibition of art and craft and we are challenging everyone who has ever been inspired to to take up a pencil, brush or tool to be creative, to start planning NOW.
All manner of art and craft is welcome, it just has to be original, quality work and suitably presented for exhibition. At present, the plan is to exhibit both paintings, photographs, computer-generated design, sculpture, as well as, craft in all its forms together in one venue, the Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst, a short downhill walk from Eesti Maja. That plan may yet change as circumstances dictate.

The conditions of entry are universal, to have your work exhibited you must conform to the following rules: 1) fill in the application form giving your own and your work’s details. (This form will be made available on the net and printed form in paper). 2) make sure the application form reaches us by the due date. ( Friday, 2nd November, 2012). 3) present your art in a finished manner: painting, flat-work and photographs, to be framed and ready for hanging. 4) each item must have firmly attatched to the back, or unobtrusively, the Title of the article, your name and address, the price, if for sale. 5) if your works take up alot of space, we may need to limit the number that you can exhibit. At present, the limit is five articles of any one method (eg. five paintings per artist). 6) present your work to the gallery by the designated time, and collect it at the end. We have no facilities for storage.   We hope to present a wide variety of work both for sale and exhibition and are already excited about the ourcome. Thus all artists and craftspeople, get out your unfinished works, look at them with new eyes, finish them and then create some more! This exhibitions will be the best ever! Let me hear how ou are progressing.


By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.

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