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Online registration for Sõrve camp 2018 now Open

Tere Sõrve Family,

Welcome to the online registration for Sõrve camp 2018!
Please go to our website for prices and details. Start planning now. Book in annual leave for 07/01/2018-14/01/2018.

Remember payment plans are available as well. Register now and pay over the next 7 months.

As a reminder the steps are:

  1. Go to our website
  2. Click on the Camp Registrations tab (on the top right hand corner)
  3. Complete the First Part of the Registration process for each individual/family member (you must be 18 or over to complete the registration process)
  4. Once you have completed step 3 above for all individual/family members, you will need to complete the Medical and Consent Form for Point Wolstoncroft Sport & Recreation Centre for each family member via the link provided at the end of the Camp Registration page
  5. You will then receive email confirmation that you have registered
  6. Our Camp Registrar will then be in contact with you to confirm your application and will request payment to be made ONLINE – part payments will be accepted prior to 30 November 2017

Also to note:

  • Your registration will be regarded initially as an intention to come to camp. No accommodation/meals will be guaranteed until we receive your registration AND full payment from each participant PRIOR to the 30 November 2017.
  • Day visitations are still available and can be noted within the registration process. These can occur during camp if required.
  • All fees for Camp 2018 are displayed on the Camp Registration Page.
  • Payment plans are available, please contact our Camp Registrar via email
  • We will accept registrations post the 30 November 2017, however we may not be able to guarantee your preferred accommodation.
  • On the Sõrve webpage we have created a Time Clock to show how many days until commencement of camp
  • Book your annual leave now for 7/01/2018 to 14/01/2018

We trust that you will find the process straightforward and should you have any issues please contact any member of the Committee immediately or email

As always we look forward to having you all attend Camp once again and from this point we will be updating our Social Media channels including email updates, on what is happening to keep you all informed.

See you all at Sõrve Summer Camp, January 7 – 14, 2018.

Imbi Semmelweis
Sõrve Sõbrad Committee – “Sõrve – see olemegi meie!”

For more information:
Sõrve website
Sõrve facebook sorvesummercamp
Sõrve email
Sõrve phone 0452 581 120

By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.

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