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The Kooskõlas choir has been accepted to sing at Laulupidu 2019 in Estonia

choirThe Kooskõlas choir has just passed the first audition to be accepted to sing at Laulupidu 2019 in Eesti.

Kooskõlas is an Estonian choir from Australia, with 74 singers from Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, and regional NSW. The choir is led by conductor Dr Naomi Cooper, a specialist in community choirs.

Laulupidu 2019 is the 150th year since this amazing event commenced. Being celebrated in conjunction with Eesti’s 100th anniversary of Independence, this is a major event for Estonia. When the previous NSW-based Kooskõlas attended Laulupidu in 2014, the massed choirs had over 34,000 singers, and an audience of over 100,000 people.

The acceptance at this stage was based on two specific songs – Emakeelelaul (Song of the Mother Tongue) and Kuulajale (For the Listener). The choir still needs to learn another 13 songs and pass the second audition in April 2019 for the acceptance to be confirmed.

To assist the choir, Siim Selis, second in charge of Laulupidu 2019, is coming to Sydney for Eesti Päevad in December 2018, and to conduct workshops for the choir early January 2019. This shows how seriously the choir is taking this project – many thanks to the ERC (Estonian Relief Committee / Eesti Abistamise Komittee) for their support for this project.
Siim will also be working with choirs at Eesti Päevad, and later at the Sõrve camp for Estonian youth.

By Kristi Barrow

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