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Kino! at Sydney Estonian House showing Names in Marble

The year was 1918. A new country is born in Europe.

But freedom has its price.

The war drama based on the novel “Names in Marble” (2002) by Albert Kivikas has broken all-time box-office record in Estonia, telling the story about schoolboys who have become voluntary soldiers fighting for the freedom of their homeland.

It is a catching story about becoming a man, about the first love and the high price of freedom.

Will they be awarded with love and fatherland, or will they become just names engraved in marble?

The film is in Estonian with English subtitles.

1h 30m | War drama

The lights go out and the film starts at Sydney Estonian House (141 Campbell Street, Surry Hills) on Sunday, 1st September at 5 pm.

Tickets $8.

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