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Kino! special movie marathon December 1, Sydney Estonian House

Join us for this special Sunday movie marathon showing these classics. Click here to view the Kino! Facebook page for upcoming movie information.

12.30pm: “Nukitsamees” (“Bumpy”), 1981, 75 min

Tallinnfilmi esimene muinasjutt-mängufilm põhineb Oskar Lutsu samanimelisel lastejutul. Filmis kõlavb laule nagu “Kodulaul” ja “Päikeseratas”, mida on esitatud ka laulupidudel.

“Bumpy”, with Iti and Kusti, is the Estonian version of Hansel and Gretel. Except here the brother and sister are on a mission to save the witch-kid from a magic spell by greedy forest witches. The film is based on the Estonian author Oskar Luts’ book of the same name. Songs heard in the film (“Homesong” and “The Wheel of Sun”) have been performed at the Estonian singing festivals.

2.00pm: “Leiutajateküla Lotte”, (“Lotte of the Gadgetville”), 2006, 81 min

Film räägib lõbusa koeratüdruku Lotte seiklustest koos oma kassist sõbra Brunoga. Tegemist on animatsioonifilmiga, mis põhineb Andrus Kivirähki samanimelistel raamatutel. Nii mõnigi tegelane võib tegelikkusest tuttav tunduda.

This is the modern-time and Estonian version of the famous Finnish tales about the Moomins. Based on a series of Lotte books by Estonian author Andrus Kivirähk, the animated film is about the adventures of the inventor girl and her friend Bruno, and many other residents of Gadgetville. You may even recognise characters of people you know in real life.

4.00pm: “Suvi” (“The Summer”), 1976, 80 min

“Suvi” on Oskar Lutsu kirjutatud raamatu “Suvi” põhjal valminud Eesti film ja filmi “Kevade” järg. “Suve” peategelased on Joosep Toots ja Raja Teele.

The film is based on Oskar Luts’ book of the same name (was there only one writer in Estonia?!), and is a sequence to a book called… wait for it… “The Spring”. “Summer” follows the lives of friends, whom fate brought together in the country boarding school in 1912. The story revolves around key characters Joosep Toots (the hunk that always gets into trouble), Raja Teele (the girl, who has the wits and the looks) and Henrich Georg Adniel Kiir (the clumsy rich kid). The characters you can recognise amongst any group of friends, and expressions in the film have become a part of Estonian sayings. Which character are you?

6.00pm: “Viimne reliikvia” (“The Last Relic”), 1969, 86 min

Eesti filmi saja aasta juubeli puhul 2012. aastal valiti “Viimne reliikvia” parimaks nii filmi “kildude” kui ka laulude poolest. Film põhineb Eduard Bornhöhe romaanil “Vürst Gabriel ehk Pirita kloostri viimased päevad”. Hans von Risbieter, “Liivimaa parim ratsutaja”, tutvub Agnes von Mönnikhuseniga. Kirik on nõus nad paari panema, kui von Risbieter loovutab kirikule püha Brigitta säilmetega reliikvia. Pulmapidu aga ründavad mässajad ja Agnese päästab sealt vaba mees Gabriel. Peagi on nende kannul klooster, Ivo Schenkenbergi kõrilõikajad ja pruudi suguvõsa.

The movie, based on a historical novel by Eduard Bornhöhe, is set during a Livonian War era peasant uprising. The plot revolves around the Pirita monastery, a monastery dedicated to St. Brigitta in a land without a single ruler but divided between the church and the merchant interests of various kingdoms. And then there were the peasants. In 2000, “Viimne reliikvia” was acknowledged to be an important part of Estonian cultural heritage. According to Wikipedia, some critics consider this the only Estonian cult movie. Cult or not, it is fun to watch, and it brings to life the iconic Pirita monastery that was burnt down in 1577. The film shows what might life have been like in a land ruled by clans of different nations, religion and those who don’t care about any of these. It is extraordinary that a film about the rioting Estonian peasants was allowed to be made in the deep Soviet time, especially with songs like “Escape, free child”.

This event is co-hosted with Sõrve Sõbrad, Australian-Estonian children’s summer camp. See more at

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