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Baltic Folk to launch at the Melbourne Eesti Päevad Festival Easter 2022

Baltic Folk jewelry will preview it’s first collection at Eesti Päevad Melbourne April 15-18, 2022. Anne Barratt and 2nd cousin and God-Daughter Kati-Rose Savi are the founders and designers behind this business. Both are of Estonian heritage and draw on this culture and its traditions for their inspiration to create quality modern heirloom pieces at an affordable price.

Kati-Rose and Anne have a penchant for traditional Estonian jewelry which is made to compliment national costumes from different regions of the country. Both also loving more contemporary jewelry, couldn’t find what they wanted for themselves so decided to create something, and birthed Baltic Folk and their Signature Collection. A second collection is already in the pipe line.

The Signature Collection comprises of 9 individual pieces made from high quality 935 Argentium Silver, with findings such as clasps and hooks made with 925 Stirling Silver. The number represents the part per 1000 of silver.

The key motifs in this Collection are The North Star and Rose. The North Star has long been used by navigators as their guiding light, and the rose is a symbol of pure love.

The designs are also to suit all genders, and can be worn together, or mix and match by stacking the Folk Flower Bar for example with the Baltic Amulet. The sizing is also purposefully created to fit hands of a larger European size.

The Melbourne Eesti Päevad is a 4 day event and Baltic Folk will exhibit each day. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances stock will not be ready to sell, however there will be one complete set so people can come and try on for size, and then order a little later via the online store at

Traditionally these Australian Estonian festivals are held once every three years, rotating between Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. A similar bigger World Estonian song and dance festival is held every four years in Tallinn Estonia. Kati-Rose, Anne, her husband and their dance troupe Virmalised (translates to North Lights) had the honour of participating in this event. It was the first time in over 60 years that an Australian troupe had been selected through their strict audition process.

Anne says: “It took a lot of physical work and stamina but it was well worth it, and a highlight of our life experiences that will stay with us forever. Our next aim is to take Baltic Folk there to exhibit at the market held at the Song Festival”.

You can register your interest on the Baltic Folk web page to be notified once the online store goes live –

By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.