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Immigrant Networks Exhibition – Melbourne until 10 Feb 2023

A new exhibition explores the significant relationship between mass migration and the modernisation of Australia post-WWII.

An interdisciplinary team from The University of Melbourne, Deakin University, The University of Tasmania and The Australian National University have collaborated on the exhibition and a forthcoming book that explore how the urban and rural landscapes of the country were significantly transformed through nation-building programs in the postwar period of 1945 to 1979.

Case studies explored in the exhibition explore sites of postwar migrant labour including migrant camps (Benalla and Greta), key industrial sites (Snowy Hydro and BHP Steelworks) and associated streetscapes in Melbourne suburbs.

The objects and stories on display in the exhibition emphasise the contribution non-Anglophone migrants and refugees to the modernisation of post-World War II Australia, by acknowledging the complex interplay of industry, architecture, migration and landscape.

The exhibition is free and will be open Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm, Saturdays 1pm-5pm.