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Call out for personal stories of maps

Do you have a personal story and connection to a map of Estonia that you hold dearly?

  • A secret map smuggled out of the USSR,
  • a hand drawn map of a relatives farm,
  • an illustrated map outlining different parish folk dresses, or
  • a map of a river whose banks have eroded over the years

f Iyou or someone you know has a map relating to Estonia and would like to share your story please get in touch with Lachlan Bell. The stories will be compiled into a short film outlining our connection to map-making and memory making within the Estonian community and be exhibited at AD Space at UNSW Art & Design in July (date TBC).

Participants ideally live in NSW and have time on a weekend to meet in person to record or call over the phone/computer as backup. Participants will be fully credited and acknowledged in the final work.

If this interests you and you would like to make contact please email Lachlan at

By Lachlan Bell

Immersed in the Sydney Estonian community, fascinated by our community’s history and story.