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Applications open to attend Estonian Australian Media Strategy Workshop, Nov 11 2023

We invite expressions of interest from all Estonian Australians to participate in a Media Strategy Workshop as part of a project supported by the The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Estonian National Foundation of Civil Society.

The Objective

A critical component of maintaining and building any culture is a unified form of communication. Whether it’s communicating news, events, historical information or commentary, media channels are typically foundational to cultural connection.

Currently, Estonian communities in Australia use multiple media platforms, including websites, Facebook and emailed newsletters, to keep community members informed (and previously printed papers). This workshop is intended to understand whether we can do this in a better way, meeting the needs of all (or at least, most) Estonian Australian communities including the societies, organisations, groups, residents and visitors.

Potential Benefits of improved media include:

  • Improved currency of information
  • Better general awareness for Australian Estonians
  • Greater accessibility for new Estonians
  • Less duplication and improved coordination
  • Better use of scarce resources
  • Improved linkage to Estonia and official government channels
  • And above all – a stronger Australian-Estonian community

The Estonian Government has supported this initiative in the form of a grant which will assist in covering travel expenses of attendees.

The Workshop

When: Saturday 11th November 2023 – 10am to 4pm
Where: Sydney Estonian House
141 Campbell Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Facilitator: Mark Narustrang, Pivotal Point

Mark is an Australian Estonian living in Perth. He’s an experienced strategist and senior leader and has worked with boards and executives both locally and internationally in a range of industries to develop long term value creating strategies. Mark’s speciality is the forming and testing of strategic hypotheses helping clients gauge the probability of success.

Applications: Please apply by Sunday 15th October via this link

The Participants

We will be reviewing/accepting applications to ensure we have broad attendance from across Australia representing all interest Groups.

All participants should be ready and willing to:

  • Talk about your own experience
  • Offer up your thoughts on ways to improve
  • Work in a collegiate way with other attendees
  • Be open to forming and testing ideas
  • Help build Australian-Estonian connectivity across State borders
  • Attend the entire workshop in person

Results from a pre-workshop survey and background information will be circulated prior to the workshop.

Your feedback is appreciated!
The survey is anonymous and will help provide base data to inform our next steps. A face to face workshop is scheduled in Sydney during November to add further context and depth.
Take the survey here:

Please note there is no expectation to be involved in the project post workshop, however there will be many opportunities to be involved in the future should you wish.

Our Assistance

Travel reimbursement for flights to and from Sydney on the day of the workshop and travel from Sydney airport to Eesti Maja (either by train or pickup).

Lunch and snacks will be provided at the workshop.

For anyone travelling interstate unable to fly in/out on the day we will do our best to billet you, or find a suitable budget hotel nearby. You are also welcome to stay in Sydney longer and arrange your own accommodation.

(Please understand our financial resources are limited).

If you have any questions, please contact us on

Yours Sincerely,
Media Project Committee
Imbi, Esmee and Kristi

If you are not interested or cannot make the workshop, please help us by filling in this short survey! We appreciate and welcome all responses!