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Mother’s Day in Melbourne delivered fun across generations

On Sunday the 5th of May, the Melbourne Estonians, at heart and/or at birth, celebrated Mother’s Day at the Melbourne Estonian House.

Workshops and games

There were lots of games and activities for the children where parents also joined in.

  • There was a busy workshop where children created beautiful cards for their mothers. Reds, pinks, and greens appeared as favourites of the day.
  • Children learned to bake some goodies (using blue-coloured flour, among other mysterious ingredients) in a cooking class. (This is what it looked like to an outsider, they were actually making bath fizzies.)
  • Parents helped children put together wreaths and decorations using raw materials from nature. Some branches that the future florists worked with were twice their size, but this did not matter.
  • The younger children engaged in some constructive play using colourful LEGO bricks scattered on the floor. We spotted some of them practicing for the next world record attempt at the longest train ever built using LEGOs.
  • The older children were competing in running and chasing games, bursting into laughs with the joy of it all.
  • Some children played fun hide-and-seek games with their peers and others with their parents. In this game, the winner was the one child who could stay hidden from the others longest. All children were accounted for at the end of the day, so we believe the parents won this game.

Formal festivities

The Children’s Folk Dancing Group led by Jennifer Wall performed two dances. The loud clapping and the whistles that echoed through the room in response, tell a story of how good, skillful, and adorable the children were.

The more formal part of the day included a welcome speech by the new Chair of the Melbourne Estonian Society, Ingrid Melotte. She spoke from the heart about the passion that the current Committee has for the community and of the motivation to bring us together through new activities and events. This promises some exciting times ahead.

Intergenerational fun

To finish this fun event off – some of the younger children, clearly future famous pianists among us, played impromptu piano music. This became a friendly competition when the older generation joined in and played. It was an enjoyable event for all generations.