Council of Estonian Societies in Australia

AESL is an umbrella organisation that unites around 20 Estonian organisations all over Australia. AESL is one of the organisations belonging to the Estonian World Organisation. AESL’s main activity is to support what is important to Estonians all over Australia – events, enterprises that are not city specific but carry value to all.

The aims of the Council are:

  • to coordinate activities of the Estonian community organisations in Australia in their pursuit of the preservation and advancement of Estonian culture and heritage; and
  • to act as a centre for distribution of information and aid to the community organisations.

The executive of the Council of Estonian Societies in Australia

Following the Annual General Meeting of the AESL Inc on 20th January 2024, the office-holders for the following year are:


  • President – Juho Loover
  • Vice-President – Sirje Jõgi/Rivers
  • Minutes Secretary – Esmee Okamoto
  • Treasurer – Ingrid Provan (Victoria)
  • Assistant Secretary – Iti Connor (Queensland)

State Representatives

  • NSW: Marissa Pikkat – Communications and Social Media Coordinator
  • VIC: Ingrid Provan – Treasurer
  • NT: Manfred Mletsin
  • SA: Martin Kurvits
  • QLD: Iti Connor – Correspondence Secretary
  • West Australia: Marin Hicks (Associate member / ex-officio)


  • VIC: Sirje Jõgi Rivers
  • NSW: Juho Looveer
  • NSW: Esmée Okamoto
  • NSW: Siiri Iismaa


  • Dr Terry Kass

Languages Co-Ordinator

  • Iti Connor

Public Officer

  • Maie Simson

XXIX Eesti Päevad Organising Committee

  • Martin Kurvits

Communications and Social Media Coordinator

  • Marissa Pikkat

Estonian World Council (UEKN)

  • Dr Juho Looveer
  • [Iti Connor ]

Estonian Global Cooperation Commission

  • Dr Juho Looveer

Australian Baltic Council

  • Dr Juho Looveer

Estonian Global Cooperation Commission – Working Party Re Mass Communications

  • Kristi Barrow


A copy of the current Constitution (last updated 17 August 2021) can be downloaded here:

Code of Ethics

The AESL proposes to adopt the Code of Ethics proposed by the Estonian Nonprofit Organizations (April 7, 2002 )

Read the code of Ethics below:

Eesti –

English –



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