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KiNO! @ Sydney Eesti Maja, on Friday, the 27th of January!

‘The Day I Grew Up’ – (G) 2008
A short film by Martti Helde

18:30 – 19:00

Priidik is a young boy alone.

Priidik’s dad, a single parent, disapproves of what he thinks is Priidik’s boundless imagination and does his best to prepare Priidik for his first day of school and to grow up a little.

When visiting Priidik’s mothers father (his grandpa), Priidik accidentally finds an old book in his grandpa’s antique shop. One that can magically fix things.

After realising the power the book yields, he decides to use the book to revive a dead butterfly who was killed due to his fathers inattention.

The first day of school arrives and without his dad’s knowing, Priidik wishes to say good-bye to his lost mum and passing childhood with the help of the book.
‘The Day I Grew Up’ is a heart warming story of letting go and is beautifully shot.

Starring: Rain Simmul , Erik Toomet-Björck, Aarne Üksküla


19:00 – 19:30
Intermission where you can grab some finger food and a drink from the bar


‘Uus Maailm’ – (New World) (M) 2011 **CURRENTLY SHOWING IN ESTONIA**

A documentary film by Jaan Tootsen
Story by Jaak Kilmi (Disco and Atomic War)

19:30 – 21:00

‘New World’ is a thoroughly entertaining documentary shot over 4 years recording the events of the New World Society that took place in Kesklinn, Tallinn.
The story involves a bunch of young idealistic types who decide they want to start an NGO (non-government organisation) so they can turn back the clock a little and make their neck of the woods car free. And hopefully care-free.

By doing so they hope to take control of their part of society, the part usually neglected by politicians and big business, and change the feel and attitude of where they live from a primp-n-proper up-and-coming neighborhood where no one really talks to each other, to one that is a little more loose where everybody knows everyone’s business, but get along.

Or as car free as possible.

After gaining some initial exposure and funding from the government, ‘New World’ was the name given to the area where the story takes place, in a house-come-community drop-in center.

But like all things (business), the community becomes dependent on the governments funding as it seems everyone wants to be a part of the party, but no one wants to pay for the party.

To get the house running requires bottomless energy and a drive (usually reserved for selfish and immature teenagers) to meet the ultimate objective which is set by the stories main character Erko Valk.

Whilst he is the nucleus of the story, it’s the stories of the other people around him that become interesting in the quest to meet Erko’s objectives, as well as the ensuing internal conflicts which occur because of his style of leadership.

Starring: Toomas Hendrik Ilves (as el-Presidente)

Watch the preview below

EVERYBODY is invited – bring a friend, even if they aren’t Estonian!

Doors open from 6pm.

Come see both films OR arrive later to see the feature film.

$7 – SES members (please display membership card at the door)
$10 – non-SES members
**Join SES on the night for $40 and pay $7 for all Kino nights!**

Remember to keep your door ticket as one lucky viewer will win free entry for next months KINO night!!!

Whether its for one film or both your donation towards cultural activities of SES is appreciated.

Finger food and bar service will be available on the night. Saku now available!

All proceeds from the door go towards KINO @ Eesti Maja and the 2012 Estonian Film Festival Australia


About KiNO! at Sydney Eesti Maja

Situated at 141 Campbell Street Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia
Kino @ Sydney Eesti Maja is a non-profit organisation raising money for the Estonian Film Festival Australia (EFFA).
The inaugural EFFA will begin in December of 2012.

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