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Adelaide Pub Night – 10 Feb 2012

Esto Pub Night is back in 2012


Esto Pub Night is an institution here in Adelaide and we would like to make a last minute appeal to support our first EPN for 2012! Everybody who reads any type of Australian Estonian media publications would be aware of very simple rudimentary journalistic style but the important experience is to enjoy the evening and not feel pressured to drop in and feel welcomed with-out any pressure.

Esto Pub Night 21 is making a return on Friday February the 10th 2012. It has been decided to go back to the grass roots of what Esto Pub Nights were originally all about. No high powered politics, no advertising in major national or international Estonian newspapers. Remember this is an opportunity to get together with friendly local Estonians after work on a Friday night, to support our local hall, to meet new people, enjoy a fantastic inexpensive meal and sample our variety of Estonian and local beers, wines and spirits, which is unmatched in the Southern Hemisphere.

We are all excited about Esto Pub Night entering it’s fifth year in ‘Twenty-Twelve’, I’m sure it is going to be another fascinating year. We are looking forward to several evenings throughout the year. Look at our involvement in the Summer Olympics, another Estonian Eurovision campaign (Estovision), OktooberEST, our Esto-Curry night and of course the build up to Eesti Paevad and many more of our regular evenings. They are all a great chance to get together at our fabulous venue here in North Adelaide.

Well many are amazed that EPN is still going in 2012! Well after our slow beginning back in August of 2008 it is a pleasure that we are still here. Certainly the major credit must go to Thomas Sarapuu and his team who have listened to you the public and made this an evening that we all enjoy. The main theme is that it is not a burden to drop in even for a few minutes and see what it is all about!

It is EPN’s 21st birthday, yes Esto Pub Night is XXI! This is going to be our first summer evening and the Ukuleles have agreed to return to help us celebrate. This time they will be in the main hall and will play all those amazing hits. My personal favorite last year was Flowers on the Wall, by the Statler Brothers a well known to most from the Pulp Fiction sound tract. Their entire repertoire is well known to all and it is a great chance for a fantastic evenings celebration and entertainment.

Esto Pub Night has evolved since its humble beginnings and has had numerous fabulous International head chefs. Other Australian cities have enjoyed local Australian Estonian cuisine from Australian Estonian våålis eestlassed. They may believe in their abilities but we here in Adelaide have enjoyed the experience at Esto Pub Night of Amarjit Sidhu, my Mother in Law with her spicy curry evenings, Kristina Lupp during the Adelaide Festival Era, Chef Greggory in the recent glory days and now we will be treated to a new phenomena! There has been a moderate amount of competition in the background Thomas Sarapuu has been overwhelmed with enquiries. After numerous submissions from various Baltic Communities the Lithuanian Head Chef Regina has emerged and NYE was a treat! Well done. EPN is another night to enjoy!

If this is your first time, the entire idea of these nights is to drop in for 10 minutes or 2 hours and stay for some food to say hello, support the hall and bump into old or meet new Esto friends… No need to book tables or make formal appointments, it has become a relaxed, friendly evening for everyone. Drop in after work or some people come through on their way home after being out elsewhere. Put Friday February the 10th into your calendar it will certainly be the ultimate Esto Pub Night at ‘Kalev on Jeffcott’ here in North Adelaide.

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By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.

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