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KiNO! @ Estonian House Sydney on Friday, the 17th of February

The Estonian Film Festival Australia (EFFA) and Sydney Eesti Selts (SES) are proud to present….

KiNO! @ Estonian House Sydney on Friday, the 17th of February!

On the program this month:


18:30 – 19:00
‘Another’ – (G) 2005
A short film by René Vilbre
Choreographer by Helena Jonsdottir (Iceland)

This is something a little different.

Shot on location at Tartu Prison and partly inspired by the fact that since its opening in November 2001, at least four intimate relationships have developed between guards and prisoners.
Despite the external framework of prison cells and concrete walls, this story revolves around relationships, genuine feelings and the question of taking responsibility for your own freedom.
WHO IS THE REAL PRISONER HERE? The one who is locked in his cell or the guard who, despite all his possibilities to shape his own destiny, constantly hesitates to make a necessary decision?

Starring: Ruslan Stepanov, Teet Kask, Mait Malmsten

19:00 – 19:30
Intermission where you can grab some finger food and a drink from the bar


19:30 – 21:00
‘Malev’ – (M) 2005
A film by Kaaren Kaer

Although we were never sure we would show it, (in celebration of Estonian [Re] Independence) we’ve caved into pressure and decided to show the quintessential Estonian cult-classic b-grade film, ‘Malev’!

‘Malev’ – or ‘Men at Arms’ – is a historical comedy based on 13th century Estonia and Livonia filled full of historical references and innuendo.
The year is 1208.
The first Eastward enlargement of Europe is under way.
Brutal forces of the Teutonic Order are steadily marching on. In their path live a simple and peaceful people, whose main pastimes include cultivating the earth, singing and, if possible, doing both at the same time. They are the Estonians.
Ignorant in the ways of war, they find an unlikely leader in a young boy with Christian upbringing, Uru (Sepp).
As the first educated Estonian and a naive but proud idealist, Uru finds himself thrust into the middle of a madcap adventure trying to provoke Estonians into taking control of their destiny, only to find that the future of Estonia ultimately depends on him.
In their fight for freedom, the Estonians encounter numerous obstacles, including the Germans, French, Russians and, worst of all, the Latvians.
Will they succeed in defeating their enemies or will they experience a cultural awakening?
Are Estonians ready for freedom?
What really happened in the greatest Estonian battle of all time?
What the hell is a ‘majuscule’???
Malev gives you all the answers!

Whether you have seen it already, a half-dozen times like most of us, or not at all, come have a laugh anyway and see what all the fuss was about when it became the highest grossing Estonian film ever made. If you liked ‘Braveheart’ and Monty Python, you’ll love ‘Malev’!

Starring: Märt Avandi, Ott Sepp, Mirtel Pohla

Malev Trailer

EVERYBODY is invited – bring a friend, even if they aren’t Estonian!

Doors open from 6pm.

Come see both films OR arrive later to see the feature film.

$7 – SES members (please display membership card at the door)
$10 – non-SES members
**Join SES on the night for $40 and pay $7 for all Kino nights!**

Remember to keep your door ticket as one lucky viewer will win free entry for next months KINO night!!!

Whether its for one film or both your donation towards cultural activities of SES is appreciated.

Finger food and bar service will be available on the night. Saku now available!

All proceeds from the door go towards KINO @ Eesti Maja and the 2012 Estonian Film Festival Australia

By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.

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