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EV 101 @ Sydney Estonian House

Children’s folk dancing groups: “Lepatriinud” and “Rebased”

Each year on the 24th February, Estonians celebrate their Independence Day. This year, around 120 people gathered at the Estonian House in Sydney.

Honorary consul of the Estonian Republic, Sulev Kalamäe, gave a speech and also read a speech from AESL chairman Lembit Marder. Sulev presented the AESL awards to Koidula Muttik and Mart Rampe.

Tiina Tamm, chairman of Estonian Society of Sydney, welcomed guests and was happy to see so many kids performing.

Estonians celebrate their Independence Day.

There was a powerful performance by Kooskõlas choir (conducted by Kieran Scott) who took audience to “Laulupidu” (a sneak peak of the Laulupidu repertoire), “Lõke” and two Children’s folk dancing groups: “Lepatriinud” (Sirje Perendi-Cook) and “Rebased” (Steven Buchert).

A blue-black and white cake (pastry chefs Tiina Tamm and Aet Madison) was served and enjoyed by all!

A blue-black and white cake (pastry chefs Tiina Tamm and Aet Madison)

Aale Ong

By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.

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Thank you for the short report and photos. Will Sulev Kalamäe’s speech be published? It is worth printing.

Hi Kristi

I would appreciate it if you you could send this message to your subscriber list.

To all the members, friends and colleagues of the Estonian Relief Committee (ERC):

The ERC has prepared a survey regarding the future of Estonian House in Sydney to its members, friends and colleagues, seeking their input regarding this matter. This survey is found at the following link and we urge everyone who has had any involvement with Sydney Estonian House to complete and lodge the survey. It will only take a few minutes.

Thanks for your help
Mart Rampe

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