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Estonian films at Melbourne International Film Festival – June 2011


Two films are featured in this years Melbourne International Fim Festival.

For more information and tickets, see the Melbourne International Film Festival – website.

saturday 25 june, 3.15pm
cinema 2
(unclassified 18+)

Only the Estonian’s can make these kind of joyously confounding films – and we love them! Challenging, highly interpretive, wickedly entertaining – a trolley full of constantly twisting symbolism being pulled along at the end of a slightly fraying surrealist rope. Way more than a simple tale about a postman trying to deliver a package to the moon, Sky Song is an ode for all of those who like to fly.

saturday 25 june, 6.15pm
cinema 2
sunday 26 june, 4.30pm (repeat)
cinema 1

Escape / Pogenemine

Director: Kristjan Holm
Producer: Ulo Pikkov
Estonia, 5’40, 2009
Co-existential boundaries. In an uncertain world, hazy lines can only be crossed with great courage and unlimited imagination.

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