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Kino at Sydney Estonian House. Coming Home Soon: The Refugee Children of Geislingen

Sunday, March 3, 2019 at 5pm – 6:30pm at the Sydney Estonian House.

What does it mean when you, as a child, suddenly have to leave your home because your country is in a war and your family is in danger? What does it mean when you have to leave your loved ones, everything and everyone you knew behind?

This is the story told in the documentary Coming home soon. It is the story of Estonian children who fled Estonia in 1944 with their mothers, siblings and sometimes with their fathers as well. They didn’t know where the dangerous roads would take them, and when they made it to the refugee camps, they knew, this was temporary.

Geislingen was an Estonian Assembly centre where some 4000 Estonians lived for more than 5 years. The camp became a small Estonia with schools, workshops, post office, hospital, newspaper, theatre, orchestra, choirs… Estonians themselves were in charge of organizing the camp. Geislingen was a home for the refugees 5 years and then the residents had to depart once more leaving their friends and familiar surroundings behind to start all over again in a new country, in a new place unknown to them.

The film Coming home soon explores the influence which the experiences at Geislingen had on the lives of the Estonian refugees and their children. It is a story about how to cope with extremely difficult circumstances, how to overcome your past and build a successful future. It is a story of hope and inspiration.

Director, producer Helga Merits

52m | Documentary

The lights go out and the movie starts at Sydney Estonian House (141 Campbell Street, Surry Hills) on the 3rd of March at 5pm. Ticket $8 (SES members $5)

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