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Eestlased laias maailmas – Ülemaailmse Eesti Kesknõukogu liikmesmaade lugu

Estonians around the World – The story of Estonian World Council Member Countries” / “Eestlased laias maailmas – Ülemaailmse Eesti Kesknõukogu liikmesmaade lugu” was published by the Estonian World Council in 2019 and was presented to parliamentarians, libraries, and archives in Estonia as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Estonian independence.

The book is available from the Estonian Archives in Australia ($30 plus $10 postage) or from the Apollo and Rahva Raamat bookshops in Estonia.

The book, in Estonian and English, gives an overview in words and pictures of the activities of the member organisations and their work in preserving and sharing the Estonian cultural heritage abroad. The 12 member organisations are spread around the world in Australia, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia.

The book is listed in the official gifts to the Republic of Estonia: