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Gold 🥇 Estonian Women take out the Women’s Épée Team Gold Medal

FOTO: Tairo Lutter from Postimees Sport

The Estonians beat the Republic of South Korea 36 – 32 in a tight match.

Estonia has won their first Olympic Gold Medal since 2004, with Katrina Lehis, Julia Beljajeva, Erika Kirpu and Irina Embrich winning the Women’s Épée Team Gold Medal!

From the Olympic Website:

Estonia win women’s épée team to deliver nation’s first Olympic gold medal in 13 years

Estonia have taken the women’s épée team gold in a 36-32 win over the Republic of Korea at Makuhari Messe.

It was the Baltic nations first gold medal at an Olympic Games since Beijing 2008 when Gerd Kanter won the men’s discus.

“I believed in us from the first second because we had good chemistry, we were motivated and we motivated each other. I think that was one of the key points for us today. We were supportive even if we had some lows,” said Lehis.

“I was thinking I had to recover well from the individual because they need me, I tried to show my best fencing,” she added.

It was also Estonia’s first gold medal in the sport at the Olympic Games and comes just days after Katrina Lehis, who was also part of the team tonight, won the nations first medal in fencing – a bronze in the women’s épée individual.

She became the second Estonian woman to win multiple Olympic medals.

“It’s my first Olympic Games and I have two medals,” Lehis said. “I really can’t describe the feeling it’s unreal.”

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