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Tough Mudder Fundraiser for Sõrve 2024

A dedicated team of leaders from Sõrve Summer camp are embarking on a remarkable challenge – the Tough Mudder Challenge on October 28th and need your help getting motivated for Sõrve 2024. The purpose of this of this is two fold, to fund raise for our community, and to train for the gruelling task of being a Sõrve juhid. Taimi, Sigi, Jemma, Erik, Lachlan, Kristjan, Rhys and Ella will be undertaking a series of grueling obstacle courses and mud runs that will test their physical and mental limits. With this challenge, Sõrve is hoping to cover the extra cost of having Sport & Rec instructors at Sõrve 2024.

Sport & Rec instructors play an indispensable role throughout the week of Sõrve and provide children opportunities they may miss out at home. They bring expertise, enthusiasm, and a wealth of knowledge to our sports and recreational activities, enriching the experience for all participants. However, providing Sport & Rec instructors comes at an additional cost that continues to rise each year. This is where your support is needed. By sponsoring our team of Sõrve leaders as they take on the Tough Mudder Challenge, you are contributing directly to next year’s camp. Your generous donation will help ensure that we can continue offering a wide range of sports and recreational activities that benefit everyone at Sõrve including adults!

You can directly donate to the GoFundMe here:

and if you’d like to know more about watching or getting involved with helping Sõrve you can learn more here on the website:

Sõrve 2024 will be happening on January 7-14th 2024 and registrations will be opening soon in October.

By Lachlan Bell

Immersed in the Sydney Estonian community, fascinated by our community’s history and story.