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Esto Pub Night 18 – Adelaide Friday July 8, 2011

In Adelaide we are getting back to basics!

We are proud to announce that we are featuring a member of our Estonian community who has formed a fantastic successful band. Miles Sly and Yass have agreed to play for us at Esto Pub Night and we are all looking forward to our most exciting evening to date. The EPN, here in Adelaide, has been fortunate enough to have achieved an amazing level of support, there has even been interest from interstate. Just click a reminder on your iCal, as Kalev on Jeffcott will be the place to be on Friday July the 8th 2011!

Miles and his band will play a gentle set of Jazz early in the evening during dinner and then play their dance style popular set and mix of covers when the evening evolves. Adelaide’s original Tom Sarapuu has always been passionate about his theme’s at the Esto Pub Night’s. He has decided that we all enjoy an emphasis on all themes dear to our own culture. Early in July in Estonia, summer is still in full bloom and the people from big cities flood back to their small hometown villages to enjoy the last of the warm weather. Small town music festivals are prominent and we here in Adelaide as a small town, have engaged and joined the seven small towns in South Eastern Estonia in celebrating their music. Still as an unofficial connection we here in the Southern Hemisphere appreciate the exciting period of their calendar.

Miles’ mother Inga is a well known Melbourne born Estonian who has embraced support for the Adelaide community for over 20 years. Their family needs no introduction and Tom Sarapuu’s team has certainly achieved a major scoop in signing Yass for the July Pub Night. Chef Greggory will be back and has had lengthy discussions with an eminent Adelaide Estonian Masterchef to provide a traditional old school Gourmet meal that even has “Y” Generation fussy community members gossiping about what to expect for the latest “Estonian Fusion”! Tom we all are waiting in great anticipation.

This next Esto Pub Night will be at ‘Kalev on Jeffcott’ at 200 Jeffcott St North Adelaide, on Friday the 8th of July. We will certainly be hosting another fantastic evening. Just remember our motto, ‘there are no formalities’, just drop in and see what it is all about! You do not have to book a table or pre-book or prepay for a ticket. Come and meet your old Estonian friends or meet new friendly Estonians. Drop in after being out elsewhere or come for a traditional Estonian meal, we have a recently arrived shipment of Estonian beverages. Tom Sarapuu and his team are ready for another fantastic evening. For more details see us at, email us at or do not be shy and visit us on Facebook on

Richard Semenov

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