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Azuria # 8

In late 2018 a special edition of Azuria, Geelong’s own literary journal, was published to mark the centenary of the declarations of independence by the three Baltic republics. It was launched at the 19th Baltic Studies Conference at Deakin University.

The initial print run of 140 has been sold or donated to libraries.

Following many request for more copies, a further 50 have been printed in time for Easter.

Azuria Baltic Centenary Edition

The following articles & stories will be of especial interest to Estonian community:

  • Tania Lestal, ‘The road back to Nõo’: tells of her visit to Tallinn, the author was raised in Australia, but now lives in Germany.
  • Sylvia Macneal, ‘Flight from Carlsbad’: a detailed account of how her father brought the family safely into the West.
  • Anu Mihkelson, ‘Estonia’s Islands’: an interesting travelogue.
  • Sandra Buchert, ‘Estonia is a beautiful country’: a lyric tribute to her motherland.

The collection also contains memoirs, short stories & poetry by writers from the three Australian communities and the Baltic republics. There is also supplement of student writing.

Each copy costs $AU25 (posted).

Payment by cheque: “Geelong Writers Inc.”, PO Box 1306, Geelong VIC. 3220.

Payment by direct deposit: CBA “Geelong Writers Inc.”, BSB 063 551,

Account No. 1015 7327, Reference /you r surname/

For further enquiries, contact the editor, Dr. E (Ted) Reilly by email, or call him on 0421 559 592.

By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.

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