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Successful applications announced for Estonian Cultural Foundation in Australia (ECFA) funding

The Estonian Cultural Foundation in Australia (ECFA) Ltd is pleased to announce the successful applicants for this year’s funding. 6 organisations were successful in sharing in the $20,000 funding, having met the criteria to satisfy the objectives of the ECFA.

These objectives include:

  • The promotion of Estonian history and culture in Australia;
  • The teaching and promotion of literature, design, crafts, performing arts, radio, TV, moveable cultural heritage, music, community arts, video, visual arts, film, etc which is of Estonian origin;
  • The preservation and promotion of Estonian language skills;
  • The promotion and development of cultural relationships between Estonia and subsequent generations of Estonian descent born in Australia;
  • To facilitate cultural exchanges between groups with similar objectives from Australia and Estonia; and
  • To consolidate and coordinate with like Australian organisations with cultural ties to Estonia.

Sydney Estonian Handicraft Association

Estonian Folk Costume Preservation Project: A Digital Archive of Estonian Folk Costumes in Australia
The Sydney Estonian Handicraft Association would like to develop a digital archive to display the Estonian folk costumes that have been worn by people with Estonian heritage in Australia.

Estonian Archives in Australia

Digitisation and conversion to a text document of the manuscript of “The Mahatma of the Baltics” by Friedrich Lustig
The manuscript is entitled “The Mahatma of the Baltics. The memorable life of the Most Rev. Karlis A. M. Tennisons, the Buddist Archbishop of Latvia.” By The Most Rev. Friedrich Lustig.

Most Rev. Karlis A. M. Tennisons, the Buddist Archbishop of Latvia and The Most Rev. Friedrich Lustig.
Most Rev. Karlis A. M.  Tennisons and the Most Rev. Friedrich Lustig

The manuscript is over 600 foolscap pages long and fragile. Making it available in a digital form will save the manuscript and give better access to researchers from all over the world.

Sydney Estonian House Co-operative Society Limited

Development Application for the Renovation of Sydney Estonian House
The Sydney Estonian House Co-op applied for funding from the ECFA to assist in the cost of preparation and lodgement of these DA plans with SCC.

Sydney Estonian House | Eesti Maja
Sydney Estonian House

Sydney Estonian Parents’ and Friends’ Association – Sõrve Sõbrad

Sõrve Summer Camp
Sõrve Summer Camp

Sõrve has applied for funding which will directly assist their National Estonian Summer Camp. Strengthening the bonds within the Australian-Estonian community will be achieved through camp activities including:

  • Australian-Estonian language teachers involved in the kindergarten groups around Australia
  • Music including singing to show an insight to the Estonian Song Festivals
  • Dancing to showcase and promote participation in the Estonian Dance groups in Australia
  • Participation in creation of traditional Estonian Art and Craft.

Virmalised – Sydney Dancers

Pastlad for Virmalised
Virmalised would like to purchase pastlad for the Virmalised dance group, which can be lent out to members for performances.    

Estonian Pastlad

Pastlad are traditional, lightweight and flat (heel-less) Estonian footwear made of tan leather and fastened with leather laces. They are worn with pride by many dance groups in Estonia.

Hans Ots Award

Hans Ots Award support for young people to attend Sõrve
The Hans Ots Annual Grant enables the offer of financial assistance. This applies to helping all kids in Australia, with particular attention to children from interstate and country NSW, who have a keen interest in Estonian culture and participating in the Sõrve Summer Camp.

By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.