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AESL Donation Drive – Join the $100 club

Dear member of AESL,

This is our third DONATIONS DRIVE for the year 2020. 

We always keep the best for last – the “100 Dollar Club” is now open!  Please take a chance to donate now, and to donate generously.

In case you wonder – are we talking to you? Am I a member of AESL? 

Yes you are. If you belong to any Estonian organisation in Australia, you are AESL member.

What are you doing as AESL member?

AESL unites all Estonian organisations in Australia under one umbrella. Therefore we represent you in Estonia, and we represent you in Estonian World Organisation. 

Most visibly in Australia, we cover the running costs of our Archive, where you might want to store your documents one day. We cover the cost of our biggest festival Eesti Paevad, if ticket sales do not allow profit – and they don’t. We supported Australian Estonians to sing at the most celebrated event in Estonia – Laulupidu/Songfestival, we support Estonian language classes and children’s groups, especially eesti childrens’ biggest get together at Sorve Camp. 

In short, AESL supports activities that bring us together all over Australia. One day soon we will be able to bring the physical get togethers back again.

Most recently, we ran Australian Estonian organisations’ zoom meeting in August – the methods and aims are in transition and the constitution should reflect that. In 2021 we take a big step and 1952 AESL constitution will be changed and updated. Want to know more?

At least a couple of times a month we share various relevant information on AESL Facebook page. 

If you want to be more connected with AESL, this is perhaps a good place to start.

Since the closure of our newspaper, we encourage people to sign up, and also to send information to e newsletter. (

Let’s be visible with our expressions, be it words or actions, as long as we stick together, we belong together, we unite. 

2020 has not been an easy year by any means, but no matter if times are easy or hard, we still keep going. Dear AESL member, we are asking for your support.  

Thank you for joining in for the journey, for the last round in 2020, thank you for your donation.

Bank details: Council of Estonian Societies in Australia; BSB: 062 233; Account: 10062870​                     Reference: Your Name, State

Cheques to: PO Bo 6606 Melbourne 3004 Ingrid Provan; Payable to – Council of Estonian Societies in Australia

On behalf of AESL, Sirje Jogi