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AESL 2021 Donation Drive

Let’s kick off the Donation Drive for this Independence Day, 2021

AESL has been residing in Melbourne for the past three years. Donations are collected as a result of invitations to donate, written three times per annum. This is the 10th invitation from Melbourne – what can I write differently this time around, what new, inspiring thing can I say to make people consider donating to AESL?

I guess I have covered what AESL is about. That our directions are – promotion of Estonian history and culture in Australia; promotion of Estonian language learning; preservation of our history and Estonian origin documents in Archive; coordinate Estonian organisations’ cooperation/communication/information sharing, bringing Estonians together in Australia-wide events like the Festival Eesti Päevad; cultural relationships with Estonia; etc.

When I tell people about AESL, about the list as above, people still look at me and say – but what do you, AESL, do? What does an umbrella organisation DO?

So here comes my next attempt, a different approach.

This time I present a list of things that were promoted by AESL in 2020. By “promoted” I mean – everyone had the information, hence the chance to join in and be part of the activities.

I present the list in hope that it does get noticed that a considerable amount was offered, and a good variety of Estonian cultural events were made available in 2020:

  • Free online Estonian language classes
  • Various e-courses available from Estonia
  • Grants for Estonian Cultural Activities
  • Grant for translating Estonian literature
  • Links to order free children’s magazines from Estonia for 2021
  • Links to apply for grants for children camps and special educational projects funding
  • Link to register for and participate in various Children’s Camps in Estonia
  • Link to connect with Estonians studying around the world and to read of their experiences
  • Invitation to add your story to the historic collection – Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom
  • Invitation to add your story to ETV2 for films recording the lives of Estonian communities abroad
  • Invitation to add your story of World War II end days, collected for film
  • Book “Eestlased laias maailmas. Ulemaailmse Eesti kesknoukogu Liikmesmaade lugu” available to order
  • AND of course supporting this website!
    Estonians in Australia –

Besides the cultural information shared, we published the President’s, UEKN, and AESL materials on a monthly basis. Next, AESL invited all to join the events –

  • Expatriate Day Celebration – world wide link to Estonians
  • “Boat of tears” Event – zoom link to Freedom square in Tallinn to remember the thousands of people who left their homes behind in 1944
  • Keele kohvik – zoom link to join in Estonian world wide cooking week
  • Kunksmoor – links to the book to participate Estonian world wide reading day
  • Church concert of Arvo Part, Part Uusberg music – participate by zoom
  • Conference for Estonian language teachers – participate by zoom

These world wide Estonian Virtual events had participants from – Ameerika Ühendriigid, Austraalia, Austria, Belgia, Brasiilia, Eesti, Hispaania, Holland, Iirimaa, Iisrael, Itaalia, Kanada, Kreeka, Norra, Prantsusmaa, Rootsi, Saksamaa, Soome, Suurbritannia, Taani, Tšehhi, Ukraina, Ungari, Valgevene, Venemaa, Venezuela, Šotimaa, Šveits.

Australian organisations organised the following zoom events –

Please make sure you are a member of AESL Facebook page. It is all there.

If you find an Estonian event on the AESL Facebook page that you like – please share, please publish. Information has the power, let the information make us bigger and unite.

All in all, it was an active and busy year for AESL. Rather than feeling stuck during covid times in Australia, a fresh energy came from connecting more than ever and joining in with the world wide Being Estonian movement. In 2021 AESL aims to keep the momentum going.

Here is our invitation to you – AESL gives its best to unite, regardless if times are easy or complicated.

Please consider making a donation

Bank details:
Council of Estonian Societies in Australia;
BSB: 062 233;
Account: 10062870
Reference: Your Name/ State

Cheques to:
Ingrid Provan
PO Bo 6606 Melbourne 3004
Payable to – Council of Estonian Societies in Australia

On behalf of AESL,
Sirje Jogi