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Annual AESL Donations Appeal

Dear Estonians and Estonian Organisations in Australia,

In 2021 we unite in Australia, with Estonia and with Estonians all around the world, for two major occasions and milestones.

On the 14 June 2021 we commemorate 80 years since deportation that took place in 1941, a year after the occupation and annexation of the Baltic States.

14 juuni on Eestis on nimetatud Leinapäevaks, mil mälestatakse 1941. aasta 14. juuni küüditamise ohvreid ning meenutatakse sündmusi, mis leidsid aset 80 aastat tagasi.

On the 20 August 2021 we celebrate 30 years of restoration of independence, as in 1991 with the juridical continuation of the Republic of Estonia established in 1918 and occupied in 1940, it was declared that the occupation of the Republic of Estonia by the Soviet Union on 17 June 1940 did not de jure interrupt the existence of the Republic of Estonia.

Sel aastal möödub 30 aastat Eesti Vabariigi de facto taastamisest 20. augustil 1991. Otsust taastada 1918. aastal sündinud Eesti Vabariik, tähistatakse 20. augustil Eesti taasiseseisvumispäevana.

Both these round-number events will be remembered by all Estonians, by all Estonian organisations in Australia and around the world.

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Ongoing work by AESL in 2021 is organising Eesti Paevad Festival for Easter 2022.

For the first time we have a different approach – we are involving Estonian organisations all over Australia rather than being city centred. Not all was bad that came from Covid year of 2020 – we are now connected in more ways, and separation has brought us closer together. We are also more eager to physically get together once again, and more willing to give, and do our part to get there.


XXVIII Eesti Päevad
| Estonian Festival

The Festival will take place in and around Melbourne on 15-18, April 2022

Estonians have been holding ‘Eesti Päevad’ – the Australian Estonian Festival – in Australia since 1954. The first was in Sydney and since then the festivals have been held every 2-3 years in turn, in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The program consists of a wide range of events including choral music, folk dancing, arts & crafts exhibition, activities for kids and popular musicians from Estonia.

The Council of Estonian Societies, your umbrella organisation, is once again reaching out, updating you on the year ahead, and seeking your contribution.

Please consider the good cause and make your donation direct to account or by cheque or contact your city organisation

AESL 2021 Donation Drive

Bank details: Council of Estonian Societies in Australia;
BSB: 062 233; Account: 10062870
Reference: Your Name/ State

Cheques Payable to: Council of Estonian Societies in Australia
Ingrid Provan
PO Bo 6606
Melbourne 3004


On behalf of AESL,
Sirje Jogi