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Joint Baltic Committee of NSW Commemoration Concert in Sydney- 14 June 2021

The President and Members of The Joint Baltic Committee of NSW request the pleasure of your company at the Commemoration Concert to be held on the 80th Anniversary of the first mass deportations of the Baltic people in June 1941.

Monday, 14th June 2021 at 2pm

Latvian Centre
32 Parnell Street, Strathfield
NSW 2135

Guest speakers

Honorary Consuls of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Following the concert you are invited to stay for refreshments

Regaining their independence in August 1991, the Baltic countries are now members of the UN, the NATO alliance and the European Union. 2021 marks over 100 years since the declarations of independence from Russia by the three Baltic States in 1918.

As well as commemorating the deportations, the occasion serves to remind us all that evil regimes still exist. Indeed, Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 poses grave concerns that Russia may seek to re-occupy the Baltic States on the pretext of “protecting” the Russian-speaking populations in the respective regions.

By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.