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Learn Estonian with Carrot Girl Lilli – New Childrens Videos

Sirje Perend and Lilja (who is in 2nd Year) have launched their Estonian project called LilliTuba (Lilli’s Room) on YouTube. The videos are very suitable for 2nd and 3rd generation Estonian children for learning or practicing Estonian.

Sirje Perendi & her family are well known in the Australian Estonian community and are currently living in Finland.

Lilja is learning and plans the stories, and together with Sirje they create colourful comics.

Lilja rehearses and reads out the stories in Estonian and then the story is published to YouTube.

They plan to post a new video every Sunday & they have lots of videos to post. Subscribe to their YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are posted.

Our first Carrot Girl Lilli cartoon is now available on YouTube (LilliTuba). It is very suitable especially for second and third generation Estonian children and for adults, grandfathers and mothers who want to teach Estonian to their grandchildren and anyone who wants to learn Estonian together with Lilja. Please spread the word. Any ideas about ​​new stories are welcome.

Meie esimene Porganditüdruk Lilli koomiks leidub nüüd YouTube’ist (LilliTuba). Sobib väga hästi eriti teise ja kolmanda põlve eesti lastele ja miks ka mitte täiskasvanutele, vanaisadele ja memmedele kes soovivad lastelastele eesti keelt õpetada. Ja kes ise soovivad koos Liljaga eesti keelt õppida. Palun levitage sõna. Ka ideed uutest seklustest on teretulnud.  🥕

By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.