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Statement by the council of Estonian Societies in Australia (AESL) re the Russian aggression in the Ukraine

The Council Of Estonian Societies In Australia, which represents the Estonian diaspora in Australia, condemns Russia’s actions and behaviour in and around Ukraine.


  • considers that the actions of the Russian Federation are a flagrant breach of international laws and treaties, and an aggressive move against a sovereign country. The possible consequences of this are unconscionable;
  • calls for the world community and international organisations to unite against this aggression and the subversive acts, and to do everything in their power to prevent the escalation of tension;
  • calls for all countries and international organisations to immediately impose the full range of sanctions against the Russian federation and its interests, as agreed upon in the multilateral talks and the recent Munich Security Conference; this includes immediate cessation of trade and interactions that are to Russia’s advantage;
  • calls for application of Australian Magnitsky sanctions against the corrupt Russian officials and oligarchs who enable and support the Putin regime by freezing their asset in Australia, and refusing their visas and travel;
  • calls for termination of the broadcast licenses of Russian state media in Australia, to prevent the Kremlin from polluting Australia’s information environment with conspiracies and lies about Ukraine and to protect Australia’s democracy from Russian information warfare; and
  • calls on its member organisations and individuals to contact their elected Federal politicians, requesting strong stance from their representatives regarding Ukraine’s sovereignty and the right to territorial integrity.

The world must stand strongly together against the Russian plans to change the architecture of Europe, and indeed the whole world. We must stand united, act swiftly and effectively, to stop Putin’s intentions. Our leaders need to be strong and not merely appease Russia’s leaders.

On behalf of the Estonian organisations and diaspora in Australia

Dr Juho M. Looveer
President, AESL
Council of Estonian Societies in Australia, Inc