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Dear Estonians and friends,

AESL sends greetings to all who celebrate solstice at this time of year, by coming together in person or in their hearts.

Many gather by bonfire to celebrate the Northern Midsummer as our forefathers did, and appropriate it is in cold winter of 2022 in Australia! It is the time again to let our traditions and stories bring us together, and to share the experience with our youngest.

Recently held Eesti Päevad Festival in Melbourne, over Easter 2022, proved once again how much we value our culture and what we are ready to overcome to keep that fire burning.

AESL board looks after the bank account for Eesti Päevad. Five thousand dollars is usually the “seed money” to get the organising of festival started. The rest is in festival organisers hands.

Total amount on this account is under 70 thousand dollars. This is not collected by Donations Drives but inherited long time ago. The fund diminishes with every Eesti Päevad. To put this amount in perspective, although the current Eesti Päevad did very well having a loss of around
two thousand dollars, the previous Eesti Päevad run a loss close to forty thousand.

This is where the current Donations Drive comes in.

We know you love to celebrate Jaanipäev, to participate the next Eesti Päevad in Adelaide, and to go to many events in between. For this we need the people who give their time and best efforts on a daily basis, and they need money to keep the ball rolling by doing the great job for our society.

AESL brings the funds together and supports Estonian culture and the traditional events and enterprises all over Australia.

Thank you for considering AESL invitation for donations. If you can be part of this drive, please
do so.

Account Details
Council of Estonian Societies in Australia, Commonwealth Bank
Branch 062 233
Account 10062870

We the AESL board thank you in advance!

By Kristi Barrow

Loves all things Estonian. Especially Crafters Elderflower gin. Aussie born.