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The Estonian Cultural Foundation in Australia – Grants Announced



ECFA (The Estonian Cultural Foundation in Australia) is pleased to announce the following funding for projects enhancing Estonian culture, language and heritage across Australia.

  • Adelaide Eesti Selts = $1,140 – storage at the Eesti Maja for Vikerkaar dance-group costumes
  • Kino! Community Library Project (Estonian Society of Sydney Inc.) = $700 – this project aims to create a substantive and accessible DVD library of Estonian contemporary and classic films with English subtitles. Kino! already provides education and entertainment to the Sydney Estonian and broader community through fortnightly kino and retro-kino movie nights.
  • Estonian Children’s Playgroup in Sydney = $3,000 – This group meets weekly and promotes Estonian language, music and culture among Estonian families and strengthens the Estonian community in Sydney. The playgroup continues to be a place for Estonian families and children to meet, speak Estonian, sing, dance, and celebrate holidays.
  • Estonians in Newcastle = $1,000 – support for Estonian kids who live outside of Sydney to get acquainted with Estonian language and culture through songs and dances.
  • Digitisation of Melbourne Eesti Maja Coop Records (Melbourne Eesti Maja Co-op) = $3,000 – The project aims to digitise all the Melbourne Estonian House Co-op records so that we reduce the amount of paperwork stored, as well as having one location for all Estonian House Co-op Ltd records for easier access online
  • Kungla Sign Restoration (The Oaks Historical Society Inc, Wollondilly Heritage Centre & Museum) = TBC – Thirlmere was a significant and large Estonian village thru the 20th century. Kungla was the main grocery store in the village centre. ECFA will contribute towards the cost of the restoration of this sign, which (we have been told) is heritage listed.
  • Estonian Archives in Australia = $1,200 – Postage of books surplus to the requirements of the archive to interested record repositories in Estonia.
  • Musica short film = $1,500 – independent film-makers are making a short film about the constellations of the southern hemisphere night skies, inspired by the Estonian composer Urmas Sisask’s “Southern Sky” masterpiece.
  • Azuria #10 ‘In Peace & in War’ = $500 – the Geelong Writer’s group is looking to publish prose & poetry from local writers, members of the Baltic & Ukrainian communities et al.
  • Estonian ‘Sõrve’ Childrens’ Camp (1 – 8 January 2023) = $6,000 – this camp has been running for over 60 years, and provides a rich cultural experience for many young and adult Estonians, using language, dancing, singing, etc.
  • Hans Ots Award = $4,000 – this amount is awarded to Sõrve for the purpose of supporting young people (and their families) from interstate to attend.

In addition to these grants, the ECFA has provided a loan of $10,000 to the Melbourne Estonian House Co-op to support legal work on scoping future options for Melbourne Estonian House.

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