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Kino @ Estonian House Sydney – Friday 27th April

The Estonian Film Festival Australia (EFFA) and Sydney Eesti Selts (SES) are proud to present….

KiNO! #7 @ Estonian House Sydney on Friday, the 27th of April!

On the program this month, 2 mid-length films (about 1 hour each) instead of a short film and feature film:


18:30 – 19:30

‘De l’autre côté’ (On the Other Side) – [M] 2008

A film by Samuel Jacquemin

Genre: Science Fiction

An Estonian / French production


De l’autre côté (“On the other side”) from Kevin Favillier on Vimeo.

Victor, a man living under a totalitarian regime, sees his monotonous life disrupted by a strange message from his girlfriend whom he thought had disappeared. Is the message from her?
Anke his girlfriend has managed to flee to a free country and urges him to join her as soon as possible.
Victor starts dreaming of a different world, and despite his doubts about leaving his current situation, makes the decision to flee.
It will be for him the beginning of a journey filled with traps, in which any unusual action on his part can lead to disaster.
‘On the Other Side’ is a common story of repression set in an ambiguous time and place, to something we all identify – fear.

Starring: Taavi Eelmaa, Egon Nuter, Bruno Paviot (France), Tambet Tuisk

19:30 – 20:00
Intermission where you can grab some finger food and a drink from the bar


20:00 – 21:00

‘Ristmine Peateega’ (The Highway Crossing) – [M] 1999

A film by Arko Okk

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Originally a play and adapted for the screen, ‘The Highway Crossing’ is the story of about a couple, Laura and Roland, who are mysteriously hitch-hiking in the country when they are surprised by a heavy down poor and the impending darkness.
As they are on an empty road, they decide to seek shelter of a nearby country house.
They meat Osvald the owner who seems to know the deeper meaning of their unexpected visit.
Osvalds strange and erratic behaviour leads to an equally strange offer: Osvald wants to buy Roland’s wife.
Laura and Roland start to play along, only to discover that their host is not kidding.

Starring: Andrus Vaarik, Piret Kalda, Jaan Tätte

As your hostess Leen was the Artistic Director for this film, there will be an in-depth talk about the films features before the screening.
NEW!!! – stay after the film for a late night-cap or kick-start your night out downstairs in the lower dinning room where the bar will be open till late!

And remember:
EVERYBODY is invited – bring a friend, even if they aren’t Estonian!

Doors open from 6pm.

Come see both films OR arrive later to see the feature film.

$7 – SES members (please display membership card at the door)
$10 – non-SES members
**Join SES on the night for $40 and pay $7 for all Kino nights!**

Remember to keep your door ticket as one lucky viewer will win free entry for next months KINO night!!!

Whether its for one film or both your donation towards cultural activities of SES is appreciated.

Finger food and bar service will be available on the night. Saku now available!

All proceeds from the door go towards KINO @ Eesti Maja and the 2012 Estonian Film Festival Australia


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