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Kino! @ Estonian House Sydney Fri Nov 29

KiNO! @ Estonian House Sydney on Friday, the 29th of November, 2013!


Doors open at 6pm so you have time to grab a bite and a drink before the show begins at 7pm.


This month…

19:00 – 19:28


Every big city is like a symphony orchestra performing without a score, but if one knows how to look and listen, it is possible to find breathtaking works of art in the seeming chaos. The aim of this 28-minute film is to give the viewer an idea, expressed in a way that straddles reality and surrealism, of how a complex organism such as a city functions.

City symphony is an experimental documentary type that became popular in Europe in late 1920s. In Estonia, similar films were made in the 1960s. In the tradition of ‘Samsara’, ‘Tallinn City Symphony’ is a film that documents life in Tallinn using only imagery, music and is without any dialogue.

tallinn city symphony The author of the film is Latvian Astrida Konstante, who has a master’s degree in cinematography  from the Baltic Film and Media School and has been living in Tallinn since 2006. The sound director is  Canadian-born Shawn Pinchbeck, who has lived in Estonia for almost a decade as well. Although  without dialogue, Konstante has made comment on the things the people of Tallinn take for  granted and leaves us with an at times very  tongue-in-cheek opinion of who they are.

Although very meditative to watch, the 28 minutes this film occupies goes by very quickly and  leaves the viewer wanting more.


19:45 – 20:44

UMBKOTID (Douchebags) 2012 [R]

From reflecting on ourselves to loathing ourselves, ‘Douchebags’ is another look at Estonians………..from the bottom up.

umbkotid scene

A satirical metaphor of a story with actors using their own names and based on a story that may or not have happened, ‘Umbkotid’ is the tale of two guys trying to make it big in Tallinn.

When Rain happens upon a big account that the firm he is working for is trying to land, he decides to employ his own style of industrial espionage to land the client for himself after he quits the company.Rain Tolk (actual name) is trying to make his mark in marketing. Andres Mailmik (actual name) is a fledgling film director looking for his big film directing break.

Taking Andres along for the ride, Rain embarks on a journey of over-promising and under-delivering via lies and promises that he knows he can never keep. As long as he can keep things moving forward, perhaps he will pull of the coup of marketing the likes of which Tallinn has never seen before.

Or will he?



And remember:

bring a friend, bring a relative even if they are non-Estonian speaking because ALL FILMS HAVE ENGLISH SUB-TITLES!!! EVERYBODY is invited!

Doors opefrom 6pm.

SES members – $5
Non members – $7

Finger food and bar service will be available on the night.

All proceeds from the door go towards kino! @ Eesti Maja and Sydney Eesti Selts.

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