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New Board elected for AESL (Austraalia Eesti Seltside Liit)

New Beginnings for AESL

28 Nov 2021

AESL (Council of Estonian Societies in Australia = Austraalia Eesti Seltside Liit) has worked hard over the past two years to review its objectives, its vision and future, and consequently developed a new Constitution. This was adopted in August 2021, and AESL was incorporated in Victoria on the 21st of August 2021.

This sees a new structure, with the Board being comprised of delegates from each state/territory, plus four independent persons.

The Executives who will lead the development of the new structure were Elected on the 28th of November 2021.

President Dr Juho Looveer
Vice-President Sirje Jõgi/Rivers
Secretary Manfred Mletsin
Treasurer Ingrid Provan

The full AESL BOARD for 2022 (elected on 28 Nov 2021) is:

Area/city representatives:

South AustraliaMartin Kurvits
QueenslandIti Connor
VictoriaIngrid Provan
Northern Territory Manfred Mletsin
New South WalesJuho Looveer
TasmaniaTiiu Rääbus


  • Siiri Iismaa
  • Esmée Okamoto
  • Sirje Rivers
  • Maie Simson

These are the people who you should contact regarding any issues that may arise in your area.

The new Board is keen to work out how it will operate, and to start to plan for the future. We already have strengthened our ties with the World Estonian Central Council (Estonians living in various countries around the world) and have commenced discussions with the World Estonian Cooperation Commission, which is operating under the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We plan to support our member organisations, and to promote Estonian language and culture activities across Australia.

Contact AESL

Dr Juho M. Looveer Manfred Mletsin