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April in Review (2024)

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Key insights

National News

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April in WA

EstWest ran a logo competition for their burgeoning cultural hub. Ten submissions were up for selection; the creators of the top three logos will receive an Estonian themed gift basket. Results will be shared on the 2nd of May 2024.

April in VIC

This month, Milvi Vaikma received a lifetime achievement award from the Melbourne Estonian Society. The Melbourne Estonian Ladies Choir together with conductor Hilja Toom were also recognised for their ongoing commitment.

Award-winning clown from Estonia, Julia Masli, performed in Melbourne Comedy Festival. She was interviewed by Melbourne-Estonian Anthony Noack, for a behind-the-scenes look at Masli’s life and show “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

April in NSW

Sydney Estonian Lachlan Bell curated the exhibition, One Hand Cannot Clap Alone.

The Sydney choir Kooskõlas will be making a guest appearance at the ticketed event Spirituals and Songs of Freedom in May.

April in QLD

There will be a Consular Mission to Brisbane in May. Book an appointment to apply for or renew your Estonian documents.

The Brisbane Estonian Society have been busy, planning the epic traditional Jaanipäev/ Midsummer event coming up in June.

AEMP in April

The Australian Estonian Media Project (AEMP) have formed the Steering Committee and held their first meeting this April 2024.

The Steering Committee will oversee the activities to improve media and communications, including re-designing the Estonians in Australia website and developing relationships with the various Estonian Australian societies and groups to improve circulation of news, events, and resources. The first meeting discussed the media project’s overall goals (read more here), current status and priorities of each stream (governance, tech, content, marketing, funding), and immediate next steps. Brief project updates can be found on the AEMP Facebook page.

AEMP Steering Committee (as at 24 April 2024):

  • Johanna Rivers – Chair and Content Lead
  • Mark Narustrang – Deputy Chair
  • Kristi Barrow – Tech Lead and Funding Lead
  • Kristel Alla – Content Deputy
  • Nansy Mass – Marketing
  • Manfred Mletsin – Governance

If you want to get involved in the project, write to:

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